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About The Club

The club of preservation on Thai Tourism resources is a charity club established with the aim to support the priority of sustainable on Thai tourism development in order to maximize the benefits of tourism in Thailand both public and private sectors throughout the country.  This social activity partially sponsored by Mr. Suradech Yasawasdi former chairman on Tourism Committee of The Thai Senate (4 consecutive terms) who presided over the sponsorship to the club.

There are two purposes of tourism resource conservation club
  1. Participation in sustainable tourism development across the country.
  2. To contribute to the advice of members of the country.



  • The club of preservation on Thai tourism resources moving forward to develop tourism resources on 4 basic principles as follows:

    1.      Conservation of natural resources such as forests, mangroves, sandy beaches, islands, corals, wildlife and aquatic animals etc.

    2.      Preservation of historical man made tourism sites such as temples, churches, mosques, palaces, ancient buildings, villages, cultures, traditional handicrafts ets.

    3.      Promoting public and private investments on tourism facilities such as transportation, telecommunications, hotels, resorts, home-stays, travel agents, tour guides, tourist information centers, restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, medical aid centers.

    4.      Human resource developments such as providing international level of knowledge and foreign languages skill, services and security training in order to maintain safety, cleanliness and hygiene of environment regularity etc.

    The management team:

    President of the club

    Mr. Kasana Kiniman
    Former chief operation of Advisor to Minister of Tourism and Sports
    Vice President

    Ms. Narusarin Lertkankhasuk
    Former deputy chief operation of Advisor to Minister of Tourism and Sports
    Creative Director

    Mr. Kris Srikrishna

    Mr. Veraphan Chayangkura Na Ayudhaya