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Mr. Suradech Yasawasdi, a former Member of Parliament, former senator of Phayao Province from Northern Thailand and former deputy leader for Pheu-Pan-Din Party (For Mother Land Party).  He was born on August 27 , 1956 the son of Police General Vitoon Yasawasdi, Deputy Chief of Royal Thai Police with Mom Rajawongse Jitrapar (Nawarat) Yasawasdi (Thai Royal Family). He graduated with Associate Degree in Business Marketing from CHAMBERLAYNE JUNIOR COLLEGE, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Bachelor Degree of Arts in Business Administration from CURRY COLLEGE, Milton, Massachusetts, USA and Master Degree of Science in Economics Policy and Planning from NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts, USA .

Mr. Suradech Yasawasdi was elected  in the senator's general election of  Thailand in the year of 2000 and was appointed Chairman on the Tourism Committee of the Senate during the year of 2000-2006 and after that he joined political party name Pheu-Pan-Din and get the position of  deputy party leader.  He was elected member of Thailand's House of Representatives during the year of 2007-2011.
Mr. Suradech Yasawasdi