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Many golfers from around the globe choose to visit Thailand for their holidays.  The climate, people, food, nature and golf courses combine to make the country a great place for a break. Thailand is increasingly becoming known as the number one choice in Asia for golf There are great Thailand golf packages available to suit every golfer. However, before you start thinking about your Thailand golf break, we recommend taking a few minutes to find out about the country and what you can expect from the wealth of world class golf courses.

10 Reasons why Thailand is a great place to play golf

Golf in Thailand goes from strength to strength and it continues to consolidate its position as the premier golf destination in Asia.  Every year Thailand welcomes more than 30 million tourists to its shores and the revenue from tourism contributes makes up nearly 10% of GDP.  Golf tourism makes significant contribution to this figure and continues to increase every year.  Why is Thailand such a great place for a golf holiday and why do golfers continue to flock here year after year?  Well here are 10 reason why we think Thailand is perfect for a golf holiday.

1- A warm greeting


You are assured of a warm welcome wherever you go in Thailand.  


Thailand has more than 250 golf courses spread over the length and breadth of the country so you are really spoilt for choice when selecting a golf resort for your Thailand Golf Holiday.  Bangkok has around 50 courses within one hour of the city centre and some courses are much closer.  If you are looking to party, then head for Pattaya which also has a around 20 courses to choose from.  If you are looking for something a bit quieter with great beaches then Hua Hin which is the other side of the gulf of Thailand from Pattaya has some superb courses.  Phuket which is a one-hour flight south of Bangkok is Thailand’s premier beach resort and it is also home to five great golf courses.  If you don’t like the heat the you can escape to the cooler climes of Chiang Mai in the north with its rolling hills, exotic hill tribe culture and wonderful golf courses.  If you really want to get off the beaten track then you can head for the jungles of Khao Yai National Park or perhaps take in the historical sites around Kanchanaburi and the River Kwai and play a round or two.

2- Choice of destinations



Destination diversity and the vast choice of golf courses located throughout the country are key factors attracting the large numbers of visitors coming to play golf in Thailand.

From the Thailand beach resorts in the south, to the mountainous surroundings in the North, or the bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are golf course resorts to suit every preference. All are located in highly accessible areas with fast and convenient door-to-door transfers possible within several hours’ travel time. This provides visitors with a vast choice for planning Thailand golf holidays. Golf Thailand in style on some of the best greens around the world when you customize Thailand golf packages.

Start by selecting a Thailand Golf Holiday Destination from the Golf Thailand map on the right.

If you are unsure, begin by having a look at the most popular Thailand golf holidays, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. Golf tours in Thailand are an experience that real golfers must not miss out on. Thailand golf holidays offer the best courses and the best amenities Asia has to offer and the cost is very favorable compared to other parts of the world. Golf in Thailand and Golfing in Thailand can be very rewarding and relaxing. Thailand golf holidays are a great way to spend time with people that you love and care for and golfing in Thailand is very affordable compared to other Asian countries. Thailand golf packages are available in short and long trips and can include many great golf courses and resorts. Many of our clients end up coming back to golf in Thailand again and again.

Thailand golf packages have gained in popularity. This is largely due to the affordable pricing, provided by Golf Asian, for luxury golf tours in Thailand. In fact, today there are a number of celebrities who frequent the greens featured in our selection of Thailand golf packages. A holiday planned around the Golf Thailand interest provides something that anyone can enjoy. Whether you are a couple looking to get away; or a family searching for an enriching experience abroad, Golf Thailand is an escape that our guests never forget.

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3- Transport Links

The infrastructure in Thailand is being improved all the time with new airports, roads and mass transit systems being constantly upgraded. 

All of the major golfing destinations in Thailand have excellent air and road connections so wherever you decide to go you will find it really easy and inexpensive to get around. Golf Thailand is an escape that our guests never forget.Learn More


4- Great Value Hotels


Travelling in Thailand is excellent value and you can find hotels to suit every budget and tastes.  The food is generally very inexpensive and there is no need to spend a fortune on expensive restaurants when there are so many cheaper options available.  

Getting around is pretty reasonable and taxis plentiful and with the arrival of Uber and other taxi apps are much more reliable.  

Playing golf is also great value and much cheaper than most destinations in Asia and as more and more courses are built Thailand will remain very competitive.Learn More

5- Sightseeing

You are probably not going to play golf every day or perhaps you are travelling with a non-golfing partner and Thailand has plenty to offer when you are not on the course.  Thailand has a unique culture so you are interested in understanding more about his then there are plenty of temples and historic sites to explore, plenty of water sports available in the major beach resorts and numerous man-made attractions on offer throughout the country.  You will be spoilt for choice. Learn More

6- Climate


Thailand's Climate can be described as tropical monsoon climate. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity that makes it sometimes feel quite uncomfortable.
The annual average temperature ranges from 22°C to 27°C year-round. There are two distinguishable seasons in Thailand, a dry period in the winter and a humid rain period in the summer.
 Required clothing:
Lightweight cotton clothing is advised throughout the year, with an umbrella or raincoat for sudden cloudbursts. Be prepared for high temperatures and humidity, no matter where you go.
koeppen-geiger classification:
The Climate of Thailand can be classified as Aw climate, a hot, tropical climate with all months above 18°C and a dry period in the winter. The southern coast of Thailand has an Af climate, a hot, humid climate with all months above 18°C. Learn More

7- Top Class Golf Course

Most of the world’s top courses designers have left their mark on Thailand.  Jack Nicklaus has lent his name to several including most notably Laem Chabang Country Club in Pattaya.  Greg Norman designed Thana City Golf & Country Club in Bangkok.   Gary Player, Pete Dye, Robert Trent Jones have all designed golf courses in Thailand.  The renowned golf course architect duo of Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley have been very active recently and one of their best creations is Chiang Mai Highlands Golf & Resort.  What is also interesting is that some of the most iconic golf courses in Thailand have been built by designers with little or no previous experience:  Red Mountain in Phuket was the first course designed by John Morrow.  Blue Canyon Country Club is the only course designed by Yoshikazu Kato.

8- Caddies

It is compulsory to hire a caddie at every golf course in Thailand and they make a fantastic difference to your golfing experience.  

They are not there just to keep your club and balls clean and to give you guidance on shot selection and the line of your putt.  

They do much more and will provide entertaining banter and companionship as you go around the course and a good caddie really adds to the enjoyment of your round.  

They don’t cost much – usually around US$10 so make sure you tip them generously.


9- Thai Food

Thailand’s cuisine is renowned the world over and can be found in major cities around the world.  
Make sure when you are in Thailand that you try the real thing but beware – most Thais like their food super-hot so maybe wise to ask them to tone it down a bit unless you are an experienced diner.  
Try eating on the street like the locals – it's amazing value and surprisingly good and also quite safe as they usually cook the food at very high temperatures. Learn More


10- Nightlife

With its mixture of exoticism, romance, sense of adventure and plain excitement, nightlife in Thailand is unique. 

Of course, anyone who has never been to Thailand instantly conjures up visions of A Go-Go bars and sleazy back alley massage parlours; it’s true but not wholly representative of a country that has beautiful traditional dancing, an irrepressible culinary scene and lively bars and nightclubs. ‘One night in Bangkok’ can indeed make a hard man humble but one night in Chiang Mai can charm and one night in Phuket make you longing for more enjoy.

Everyone likes to let their hair down occasionally and golfers are no exception. 

Thailand has plenty to offer with a wonderful selection of great restaurants, plenty of excellent pubs and sports bars, some with live music, and numerous go-go bars and other such establishments if that is what you are looking for.

So there you have it – our 10 reasons on why we think you should consider Thailand as your next destination for a golf holiday.  
A warm welcome everywhere you go – great golf courses – exceptional food and a vibrant nightlife.